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Workmates walk by elderly homeless woman and then do something heartwarming

Homelessness is a real crisis. While these people are often seen as a menace some really are really living everyday without knowing how tomorrow will be for them. Especially during winter it is a known fact that people die due to the freezing cold.

While many just ignore the pitiful state the homeless live in some incredible lads did not turn a blind eye. On Friday 15 December, three men came across an elderly homeless woman as they were walking down the street after a work Christmas party.

According to the Bristol Post, instead of walking past the homeless 71-year-old on Baldwin Street, Roger Hartigan, Joe Rich and David Harrison stopped and talked to her, only to learn she had nowhere to go.

To make matters worse, all she had to protect her from the cold weather were some plastic bags. According to Roger, he and his workmates decided they couldn’t just leave her out there in the cold so instead found and paid for a hotel for her for the night.

“It was about 9pm,” Roger, 43, told the paper. “We had just left The Crown in Corn Street.

“I saw this woman and she looked very fragile. She said she was 71 years old and had nowhere to go. We gave her some money and some cigarettes and we tried to hire her a taxi to take her to a hotel – but none would stop.

“So some of the guys ran ahead to find a hotel with a spare room and I walked with her through the centre of town, carrying her stuff.

“Then one of the lads called to say they’d found a room in a hotel opposite the Hippodrome. We walked her there and checked her in.”

While the homeless woman didn’t give her name, she told the trio that she’d been living on the streets of Bristol for 18 years.

“She was just so vulnerable,” said Roger. “There was no way I could leave her.”

“I think she was a bit shocked at what was happening when I said we’d find her a hotel, but I reassured her we weren’t taking the mick – we just wanted to make sure she was safe.”

The three men walked her to a hotel – believed to be the Radisson Blu in Broad Quay – and paid £145 ($194) for woman to stay the night there before continuing with their night out.

Of course, it’s not going to solve the problem in the long-term, but at the end of the day it’s still a heartwarming gesture that perfectly demonstrates the kindness of strangers.





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