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20 Shocking Images Captured By Drones

Drone have changed the way things are seen. Ever since drones have been used for photography and videography, drones have completely transformed how we perceive things.

Since they can flyover most things fences mean nothing and the same goes for borders so here are some shocking images that were captured by drones:

1.      Shark Attack

This picture comes to you courtesy of one Tom Caska, a drone pilot whose original intention was to document the paddle boarding adventures of his brother Andy. However, Caska ended up with the far more interesting – and pretty disturbing – footage of his brother floating across the water, happily waiting for a wave to come, while a shark circles his board.

Andy was completely unaware of the shark’s presence and, at one point, even dangled his feet in the water in what he originally believed was a relaxing moment before the arrival of a wave. Of course, he was shocked to learn how close he had come to being the victim of a shark attack when he returned to land. “Andy had a heart attack when he saw this”, wrote Tom Caska when sharing the picture on social media.


  1. Syrian War Zone

The tragedies of the Syrian Civil War are no secret, but drones have helped capture and convey the devastating impact that this conflict has had on the urban landscape. Here, a pair of Syrian army tanks engage in combat with opposition forces – described in the drone video title as “U.S.-backed Islamic terrorists.”

3.      Global Seed Vault, Svalbard

About 650 miles from the North Pole, on Spitsbergen – an island in Norway’s isolated Arctic Svalbard archipelago – stands a structure that could prove crucial to humanity’s survival. It’s a vault containing backup copies of seeds from crops all around the globe – totaling 860,000 samples in all – in case of disasters that could cause the extinction of vital crops.

4. A Beheading

This image comes from a drone that was used by an Anbar arm of the terrorist group ISIS to film the execution of a man they deemed to be guilty of “insulting Allah”. The death penalty is barbaric even when carried out by injection (as it is in many areas of the United States), but the execution shown in this picture is particularly brutal. The blindfolded blasphemer kneels with his hands tied and his head on a literal chopping block while the assigned executioner holds a machete aloft, waiting for the signal to bring it down in a terrifying display of the consequences of fanatical devotion to one’s religion.


4.      Tesla Tower, Russia

When a curious explorer would happen upon the grounds of the Tesla Tower – a Soviet-era “lightning machine” – the levels of electricity generated in the area were so high that their hair would stand on end. Then, a 200-meter-long lightning bolt would strike just several yards away – violently signaling that the tower was still active.


5.      Toxic Cesspool, North Carolina

Filmmaker Mark Devries used a drone camera to bypass barbed wire fences and expose environmental malpractices at a pig factory farm owned by Smithfield Foods – the world’s biggest producer of pork – tucked away from the public in North Carolina. As Devries’ drone flew past the facility, it came upon a massive red toxic lake filled with pig dung and urine from the farms – waste from thousands of the animals.

6.      Debaltsevo Cauldron, Ukrain

The annexation of Crimea by Russian forces in early 2014 kickstarted a conflict across eastern Ukraine between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian army forces. These images show remnants from an encirclement at Debaltseve.

7.      UFO caught

This image was captured by a Californian drone operator in 2015 and appears to show an alien spacecraft traveling through the sky above Silicon Valley. According to ufologists and scientists who examined the video from which this screenshot was taken, the unidentified flying object jolts across the sky with such great speed that it could only be matched by a supersonic jet.

8.      Area 51, Nevada

The Area 51 U.S. Air Force base in the Nevada desert has been shrouded in mystery since alleged UFO sightings in the vicinity in the late ’50s and ’60s. Conspiracy theorists believe the facility contains everything from alien bodies and UFOs to time-travel and mind-control technologies.


9.      Crimean Atomic Energy Station

At the close of 1982, the capacity of Soviet Union nuclear power plants had in total surpassed 18,000 MW. Following the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, however, nuclear safety culture underwent radical changes. The building of the Crimean Atomic Energy Station, whose construction had begun in 1976, was forsaken because its ground was deemed geologically unstable.

10.  Black-Eyed children

This picture was taken by a drone user in Cannock Chase during a time when residents of the area were frequently reporting encounters with mysterious children matching the black-eyed kid’s legend. The image clearly shows a young girl with black hair and a white dress, standing between the trees in a remote, almost inaccessible area of the English countryside and, if genuine, marks the first time a black-eyed kid has been caught on camera.


11.  Pripyat/Chernobyl

The exact long-term damage of the shocking accident that occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986 is hard to quantify, as it continues in various forms to the present day. But the evacuation and subsequent decay of the nearby Ukrainian city of Pripyat is an ongoing reminder of the event’s impact on the local population.

12.  Beijing’s Forbidden City

The ancient Forbidden City in the People’s Republic of China’s capital, Beijing lived up to its name for American expat Trey Ratcliff. He was held by Chinese authorities and had his drone impounded for the remainder of his trip after capturing the stunning World Heritage Site from the air.

13.  Crop Circles

This picture, captured by a British drone operator, shows one such crop circle in a Wiltshire field. It’s actually fairly common for drone enthusiasts to stumble upon crop circles while exploring the countryside, but this image is particularly interesting as it was taken in a field only a minute or two removed from Stonehenge. While Stonehenge is for little more than a prehistoric (and therefore boring) stone monument, many UFO fanatics believe it to be a regular landing site for extraterrestrial holiday makers.

14.  Lion In Wait

One drone operator managed to capture a lion pre-pounce by turning his flying camera into a proxy sacrifice. This photo shows a group of male lions – the kind you definitely don’t want to mess with – as a drone approaches their habitat. Two of the three look on in curiosity, while the more violent member of the group readies himself to attack. After swiping the drone clean out of the air, the lions shared it among themselves, chewing on it for the best part of an hour before realizing they couldn’t eat it and then walking away.


15.  Big Foot?

This image was captured by a wildlife fanatic in Idaho, who was using his drone to search for animals in a forest near his home. Rather than seeing the usual elk and deer, the camera operator captured footage of what looks to be a bipedal creature, covered in hair and strolling confidently towards a cluster of trees. While the image is indeed unsettling, it is, unfortunately, not clear enough to conclusively prove the existence of Bigfoot.

16.  UFO proof

Since being snapped in the fall of 2016, this picture has been regularly cited by ufologists as proof of alien life among us. The image is a still from a video captured by an unnamed Alberta native who claims that an unidentified flying disc collided with his drone when he was trying to document the changing of the seasons in Canada. The camera operator would later describe the footage as the “weirdest thing ever”.

17.  Isis bombing

This image was released by ISIS in December of last year as part of a video montage intended to show the power of the group. In it, we see an explosion caused by a suicide bomber carrying out their final mission in the Iraqi countryside, while the cars and buildings nearby sit covered in the dust and debris of previous blasts.

18.  Ōkuma, Fukushima, Japan

A magnitude 9.0 undersea earthquake off Japan’s coast triggered a domino effect of disaster – a massive tsunami which in turn caused substantial explosions and radioactive leakage at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. These dramatic drone images show Ōkuma, one of the Tsunami-struck towns evacuated in 2011 following the accident. Around 150,000 people were forced to flee affected areas.

19.  Mermaids?

Mermaid believers often point to this picture, which was captured by the drone of a nautical nut in the summer of 2016. The image shows a group of unidentified creatures moving through the water at a rapid pace, with their blurry top halves suspiciously reminiscent of the human body. Whether the beings shown in this picture are indeed mermaids or not is up for debate, but it’s hard to deny that the image does anything but further the case of those who are determined to prove that mermaids do, in fact, exist.

20.  Auschwitz

Auschwitz concentration camp, located in the Polish town of the same name, is perhaps the most infamous of all Nazi concentration camps. Those who were held captive within its walls were subjected to horrifyingly cruel treatment until they were either put to death by Nazi officers or died of starvation and exhaustion. This image, captured by a drone in 2015, shows a bird’s-eye view of what is left of the concentration camp. From above, we are shown the rows of decrepit cells and laboratories, within which some of the most heinous and inhumane acts of the 20th century took place.