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Couple Are Caught Doing It In Broad Daylight On A Popular Beach Shocking Public

A couple couldn’t wait until they were off the beach to get their romp on and did it in full public view!

A woman was filmed wearing a black bikini while lying on top of a man as they get kinky on the wide open white sandy shore at Henley Beach in Adelaide.

The video which was shared online shows the couple surrounded by bottles and bags as they are caught in the act during broad daylight.

Shared on Instagram, the couple were caught having sex at the popular South Australian beach, about 11 kilometres from Adelaide.

Not appearing to be hiding from leering eyes, the couple’s risky act was shared in two parts online.

Receiving more than 100,000 combined views since it was posted yesterday, the kinky videos quickly attracted a tirade of comments from stunned social media users.

‘Clearly the lass had a bucket list … let’s be honest though she could have at least brought a tent? Or umbrella?,’ one user commented.

‘Henley Beach seems to be an aphrodisiac for couples,’ another wrote.

‘At least get in the water and pretend you’re just having a “cuddle”,’ someone suggested.

‘And they say Adelaide has no culture,’ one shared.

‘Imagine the sand rash she has right now,’ someone commented.






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