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Nail Spa Employee Offended By Foreign Customer About Her Job Has A Few Things To Say

People assume that certain people are supposed to look a certain way for a certain job. when an attractive woman met a foreign client she was told she was too pretty for the job, but she shut him down.

The man then ended feeling sorry for himself after the girl showed how independent she was and that his stature in life did not work out to make her attracted to him.

According to Antonette Ojano, a foreigner arrived in her work place who first praised her for possessing a beautiful face but later on questioned why a beautiful woman like her was working there. Somehow offended by how the foreigner questioned her employment, Ojano defended that she would rather have the kind of work that she has to earn her own money and became independent than to rely on affluent men because of  their money.

Antonette Ojano then shared her sentiments on Facebook to raise the awareness of netizens that independent women are more attractive because they can work to earn money for themselves and do not necessarily need rich men in order to enjoy life.

She even emphasized that only lazy women got attracted with men who had money because they were not willing to work hard and earn for themselves.  And for that, she was proud to say that even if she was not employed in a “high-paying” job, she’s happy and proud for the kind of work that she had.

She also slammed the foreigner who later on asked her out for a date.

“Always remember money only impress lazy girls. When a woman works hard a man with a money is a bonus not a ladder to upgrade,” Ojano concluded.






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