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These Trees Will Never Give Up On Life!

Trees have been around for about hundreds of million years. It might not be known but they are some of the most resilient migrators and populators on the planet. Take for example a coconut that it literally on every beach. They are master adaptors and here are examples how they can survive and thrive in any condition.
#1 A Place Of Enchantment


#2 This Palm Tree found a way to the sunshine

#3 one dies to help dour grow.. OUT OF IT!

#4 The Only Tree That Survived The Tsunami In Japan Between 70,000 Trees. Today Protected And Restored

#5 Tree Of Life – Olympic National Park, Washington

#6 A Tree’s Root Spill Over The Sidewalk

#7 Nature will reclaim everything

#8 I Found A Tree Growing Through Speed Limit Sign

#9 This Tree That will not die even if you chop it down

#10 This Tree Still Has Its Leaves Because Of The Light Shining On It

#11 Life Finds A Way

#12 Tree Roots Extend Across A Gap To The Mainland For Nutrients

#13 Life Finds A Way

#14 Ta Promh Temple In Cambodia

#15 Striving

#16 My Grandpa Hung His Skates On A Small Tree When He Was Younger. He Forgot He Had Left Them There And Found Them Years Later

#17 A Tree Growing On Another Tree

#18 This Tree Is Growing Out Of Another Tree

#19 This Tree Grew Out Of The Stump Of A Dead Tree And Then The Stump Rotted Away

#20 A Tree Grows From Third Floor Window

#21 Life Finds A Way

#22 I Spent Ages Staring At This Tree Before Taking This Pic. I Hope You Find It As Fascinating As I Did

#23 This Floating Island That Grew At The End Of A Partially Sunken Tree

#24 The Old Piano Tree

#25 This Wooden Chair My Parents Bought Started Sprouting Leaves

#26 Trees On A Tree

#27 One Tree On My Street Refused To Accept Winter

#28 My Sister’s Tree Is Eating Her Fence

#29 This Tree Growing Through A Fence

#30 Life,Uh… Finds A Way

#31 This Tree Grew Around A Stone Sculpture Of A Face, Making It Appear As If There Is A Green Man Trapped Inside

#32 This Tree Is Tenacious

#33 The Way This Palm Tree Fell And Continued To Grow

#34 HK Forbes Street Kennedy Town Stone Wall Trees

#35 A Little Tree On The Sidewalk

#36 This Tree Grew Around A Fire Hydrant

#37 20+ Year Old Tree Growing Out The Top Of A Silo

#38 The Way This Tree Ate This Bench

#39 Trees Winning Against Concrete In Hong Kong

#40 This Tree’s Roots Grew Up Through The Gaps In The Paving Stones





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