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Woman Stabbed 88 Times By Car Washer Because She Laughed At His Lie

A man who felt shamed after being laughed at by the woman he was dating killed a beautiful Russian skier by stabbing her 88 times. He told her to drive to her favourite romantic place, close her eyes and wait for an amazing surprise, according to MailOnline.

Irina Kozlova, 34, drove Evgeny Markov – who she had recently started dating following her divorce – to a spectacular viewpoint at a scenic village in her Mini Cooper.

After asking her to close her eyes, he got out a knife and carried out the attack.

Her body was found in her car in Ust-Mana village overlooking the Yenisei River, near the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

Markov, 34, was detained soon afterwards while calmly having dinner in a restaurant.

State investigators said that Markov immediately confessed to the murder.

He was upset that she had found out the truth about his lie to her that he was a successful businessman. She discovered instead that he was working as a car washer.

He told police that she ‘laughed at me’ over his fiction.

The Russian Investigative Committee – which probes serious crimes – said: “On the eve of the murder the man informed his new acquaintance that he wanted to surprise her and invited her to choose a romantic place.”

She drove him to the village ‘where the man said he asked her to close her eyes, then with a pre-prepared knife inflicted multiple wounds which were fatal.’

She was known locally as a popular skier and snowboarder.






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