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20+ Douchey Posts Of The Rich Kids Flaunting Money On Snapchat

These days people are rich as AF! and so are their kids who keep on flaunting their parent’s money everywhere. Earlier it was not visible but now stories of Snapchat and Instagram where everybody can see the rich kids flaunting cash and toys. Nowadays it has become a trend to show the world how rich you are and many of the rich kids have successfully done this with their douchey posts on Snapchat.

Here Are Some Douchey Posts Of Kids Flaunting Money On Snapchat!

1. This Is How These Rich Kids Spend Their Holidays.

2. I Got A Bicycle At My 14th Birthday And Now I Feel Bad. 

3. This Is Whom We Call Rich Af!

4. We Somehow Manage To Book An Uber. 

5. This Is How They Treat On Of The Richest Person. 

6. I Will Call It The Best Among All The Douchey Posts. 

7. He Should Rather Buy So Many Tissues With That Money. 

8. I Hate The Oversimplification Of Richness.

9. That Table Cloth Is Beautiful And Smells Money.

10. Is That Real Money?

11. Try The Red One First.

12. And Here We Sell Kidneys For One.

13. That Is Snake Leather.

14. Who Needs A Knife?

15. Money Is Time.

16. Rolls Royals And The Rich Kids.

17. Well, That Is Bit Too Of Showoff, Thanks To Snapchat Stories.

18. I Would Also Love To give Myself Such Reading Pleasures.

19. Fly Your Way Through The Clouds.

20. This Is What It Needs To Be Called Rich.

21. And He Bought A New Tab.






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