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7-Year Old Girl Receives Breast Implants For Christmas

If you lack your self-esteem then you can make someone behave a bit weird, and that’s pretty obvious. The same goes with Juliet. She developed an obsession, which bothered her mother who took her to a psychiatrist to get rid of the obsession. But the results were contrary to her expectations.

After a number of counselling sessions, with renowned psychiatrist, Eduardo Ramirez, Juliet shared that she was in severe depression. She was in depression due to the lack of self-esteem, and suggest to Ms. Manson that a Breast Implants could help her child to get back the lost self-esteem.

After listening to the Psychiatrist’s suggestion, Juliet’s mother reached out to various clinics for breast implants in the United States and Mexico. But the response was negative from every clinic as none of them were willing to perform the surgery of breast implants on a 7-year-old girl.

After numerous rejections, finally, she came in touch with doctors from the city of Hangzhou in China during Christmas, where the doctors gave a nod to conduct the surgery. Ms. Manson wanted to surprise her daughter, hence he took her to a trip to Asia during the holidays and the breast implants would be a Christmas present for her.

Finally, the surgery for breast implants was carried out in China. The clinic reported that the process of breast implants took less than two hours and went as planned. Juliet now has a 30-c cup, and as per Ms. Mason, the 7-year-old is extremely happy after the breast implants.

After the breast implants, she shared some of her pictures on her Instagram account. She got the world’s attention after the 7-year-old girls’ photographs went viral. The audience gave positive as well as negative reactions on it. Some of the people blamed her parents for allowing the 7-year-old to undergo plastic surgery at this tender age, whereas some have targeted the psychiatrist for the weird suggestion.

Despite the critics, Dana Manson says she did “what was best for her daughter” and insists that she has no regrets.





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