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Children Left ‘Alone’ Outside Supermarket Get Help From Security Guard

A video of kids being left in an unsupervised car that was parked outside a local convenience store in South Africa has sparked public outrage.

Local resident Siyabulela Precious Ruiters filmed a security guard holding a toddler while another small child could be seen through an open window playing in a car while their parents or guardians were nowhere to be seen.

Ruiters called the parents reckless for leaving the children alone inside the car with the back window of the car left wide open. She said the toddler, who appeared to be almost two, began crying which caught the attention of the security guard who quickly came to the infant’s aid.

Ruiters added that even after 15 minutes, there was still no sign of any adults.

“Parent – no show,” she said in her video.

Many social media users have expressed concern about the conduct of the children’s parent or guardian.

“The mother is so irresponsible and dead inside,” one social media user said.

“I don’t even like leaving my daughter in the room alone yet a car. No man. I would like to know what the follow up behind this was,” another social media user said.

One user Piroger Mabeka who claimed to be the security guard holding the child said “there is just no excuse” for leaving the child in the car unattended.

“It is never alright to leave a child in a car for any amount of time. Anything could happen, the child could become ill or the car could be hijacked with the child inside. There is no reason for a parent to leave their child locked up in a car these days because malls have trolleys and carts that you can carry your children around in while you shop. There is just no excuse,” Mabeka said.

The video has been viewed over 9,000 times as of March 12.

Photo: news.ntd.tv






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