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Kid Gets Trapped In Lift After Peeing On Control Buttons

Well, that’s what you get for being a brat.

We’ve all been drawn to mess about while going up or down in a lift, but the problem with that is you’re completely stuffed if the lift breaks down and locks you in.

That’s what one foolish kid, from Chongqing in south-west China, found out this past weekend as he got into a lift and bizarrely decided to wee all over the controls, unintentionally getting himself stuck inside.

CCTV footage shows the kid, who looks to be in his early teens, entering the lift alone before he has the bright idea of unzipping his fly and spraying his wee up and down all over the control buttons like a fire hose.

We can only imagine the kid did it to prank the person after him, somehow. Turns out there was a fatal flaw in his plan, though – turns out urine and electrical equipment don’t mix. Who knew?

As the kid zips up and gets ready to leave when the lift reaches his floor, it appears that his little exploit has totally bust the lift doors, which open ever so slightly before shutting again, trapping him inside.

The kid, clearly panicking and jumping up and down, starts to panic-press buttons on the lift as they furiously flicker, facing the irony of getting his own piss on his hands.

Just when you thought the schadenfreude couldn’t get any better, the lift’s lights suddenly give in and the kid is plunged into darkness as he desperately tries the controls. It’s almost like you’re not actually supposed to do this, isn’t it?

According to the Straits Times, the mortified boy was ultimately rescued by building maintenance staff, completely unharmed. Except for his wounded pride, of course.

Staff only realised the boy was to blame for the lift malfunctioning after they watched the CCTV footage back. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that meeting…

People commenting on the vid on YouTube veered between humour and anger. Some people criticised the kid’s upbringing, calling his lift-whizz ‘disgusting’, while others just enjoyed a good laugh at the kid’s expense.

All we can say is that this one kid’s foolish attempt at… well, whatever this was supposed to be has backfired on him rather spectacularly.

Mate, just use a toilet like everyone else.

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