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Mom Come Home To Find Baby’s Feet Completely Blistered. The Truth Behind It Will Give You Chills!

Imagine coming home to find your tiny baby has its feet blistered so badly that it would make you shudder. A woman was horrified when she came home to see her baby’s tiny feet blistered without any explanations from the nanny.

Ismelda Ramos Mendoza, 36, was arrested on charges of child abuse after showing the highest level of incompetence and ineptitude at her babysitting job. She had been asked to look after a six-month-old baby girl, but instead of doing so, decided to burn the child’s feet.

Mendoza was cooking tortillas in a frying pan and the baby was crying inconsolably. Unable to get the baby to stop crying, Mendoza lashed out, picked up the baby, and placed her feet onto the burning pan. She then carried on as though nothing had happened.

When the baby’s mother spotted the blisters covering her baby’s feet, she naturally turned to the babysitter for an explanation. Mendoza straight out lied and said she had no idea what had happened.

The maid accused of putting the child’s feet inside scalding hot oil because it was crying

Sensing the worst, and knowing that this could not be true, the mother then quickly called 911 to report the abuse case. The baby was then taken to a hospital and it was found that she had second-degree burns on her feet.

She had to be treated immediately, and these disgusting actions have resulted in much anger from the public, with some calling the action disgusting and others wondering why Mendoza even took on the job in the first place if she couldn’t work with children.

Some also are shocked that the babysitter believed inflicting pain would stop the crying.

Many people who have heard this story are also thanking their lucky stars that they don’t need to use babysitters thanks to family and friends. It’s enough to get anyone shaken up. We hope Mendoza is brought to justice and suitably punished for her crime.






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