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Toddler Dies After Swallowing Button Battery

Toddlers always love to explore their little world. When they find something small and easy to pick up, it usually will end up in their mouths. Adults should always be careful, with these little ones because, in just moments, they can find trouble.

It’s always important to make your home child-proof. Children aren’t steady on their tiny feet. Bottles, drawers and hiding spaces low to the ground should be locked up tight so small hands can’t open and make a mess. Although parents always give proper attention to their children to ensure they are safe from unknown harm, accidents still happen. The most observant adults can’t be around a young child every second of each day.

But it’s so very tragic when a child’s death could have been prevented.

It was late in 2015, just two days after Christmas, 2-year-old Brianna Florer died after swallowing a button battery. Immediately, she was rushed to a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she later died after surgery.

Brianna’s parents, Brian and Stephanie Florer, called 911 after their daughter began vomiting blood and turning blue. Kent vice, Brianna’s grandfather revealed that the little girl hadn’t been feeling well for a few days. She’d been running a low-grade fever. An x-ray showed the toddler swallowed a button battery no larger than a dime.

Kent told the Oklahoman: ‘They operated on her for 2 hours, but they couldn’t stop the bleeding,’ he said. ‘They believed  the battery ate through to her carotid artery by way of her esophagus.’

‘One minute she is perfect, and the next minute she is dead,’ Vice said. ‘We had no idea when she  swallowed it (the battery).’

The heart-broken grandparent said that Brianna’s parents aren’t aware of how their daughter found the battery. According to the doctors, the toddler swallowed it six days before her death.

According to experts, batteries, since they are so small usually will pass through the body without causing harm. A case can turn fatal when the object becomes stuck. Batteries secrete an alkaline substance.

The National Capital Poison center recorded the number of deaths caused by batteries. From 2005-2014, there were 11,940 cases where children swallowed a battery. Of those, 15 died.

Brianna’s grandfather hoped that little Brianna’s death can show others how dangerous these button batteries are to keep around your home: ‘I want to keep these things out of houses,’ he said. ‘They are dangerous.’






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