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Twins Looks At Each Other Seriously, Then Baby In Pink Makes Move That Leaves Internet’s Heart Melting

Being a brother or sister means that you have a natural best friend whenever you need them. Through good times and bad, you’ll have someone by your side that can tell it to you straight and give you the support you crave.

But when you have a twin, you have someone to share an even stronger bond with. That’s exactly what these two sweet twins share and, gratefully, Mom and Dad were able to capture a truly uplifting moment between them…

Even though things may be peachy now, Twins UK website explains that twins have a higher tendency for sibling conflict!

Twins often feel like they need to be the “better one” out of the pair and fight for their own identity.

That’s why it’s so important for parents to monitor this behavior and provide twins with the chance to explore their own interests. Being able to express themselves in two different ways can help relieve some of the tension caused by the drive to compete with one another.

Luckily, these two are far too young to experience any sibling rivalry yet! Fortunately though, they are just too cute to watch.

Mom and Dad catch Merle and Stijn in the middle of creating their own language. The two babble back and forth in the sweetest conversation ever.

It’s not uncommon for twins to develop their own language. This phenomenon is called cryptophasia and it’s bewildering.

Twins are especially likely to create an invented language because they spend so much time together and are on the same developmental schedule. They imitate and reinforce each other’s early inventions.

Watch the video below:

Photo: faithtap







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