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10 Deadly Things We All Do Before Hitting The Bed

Sleep is probably the most underrated and underappreciated biological function of the body. We are awake for16 hours a day doing something or the other so imagine spoiling those 8 hours of sleep by doing things that are potentially killing us!

Sleeping is an extremely important and regular process that gives our body vital energy for optimal functioning the next day. Therefore, it is vital we have healthy and good sleep every single day. Here are 10 habits we all need to stop because of the serious negative impact they have on our overall health.

Drinking water before sleep

For normal functioning and lubrication of joints, we need to drink water regularly. However, we should avoid drinking water just before we go to sleep because it will interrupt our sleep multiple times. As a result of this, we will find it hard to get good sleep at night.

Napping during the day

After eating a nice and delicious lunch, we have the habit of turning in for a short nap in the afternoon. When we do this, it interrupts our natural sleep cycle. Due to this, we won’t get good sleep at night. Also, it will negatively impact our sleeping habits and overall health.

Using your phone or laptop before sleep

One habit we should avoid at all costs is using smartphones or laptops before we hit the sack. We have the habit of checking posts on social media, which can affect our sleep cycle. Because of this behavior, it will take longer for us to fall asleep.

Improper distribution of meals

We all have the habit of eating our meals at random times, which can have an impact on our digestive process. We should eat three to four hours before we go to bed if we want good sleep at night.

Lack of bedtime routine

When we don’t have a bedtime routine, our bodies won’t know when we want to sleep. By having a bedtime routine, such as having a fixed time for showering, brushing and going to bed, our body will send signals, telling us we are ready to hit the sack.

Incorrect sleeping position

Sleeping on our stomach is an incorrect sleeping position as it will affect our sleep. If we want good sleep, we should sleep on our back or the side of our body. Also, make sure you don’t sleep in an awkward position because it will cause neck pain.

No exercise before bedtime

One habit we all need to cultivate is exercising before we hit the bed. When we exercise regularly before sleeping, we will keep ourselves refreshed and healthy. Also, we should exercise at least three hours before we sleep.

Sleeping with cold feet

It is harder to fall asleep when our feet are cold. For a good night’s sleep, we need to keep our feet warm by either cranking up the thermostat or by wearing a pair of socks.

Purchasing low-quality mattresses

We should never try to save money by investing in low-quality mattresses. Purchasing high-quality mattresses are much better because of the comfort they provide. We will feel well-rested and fresh in the morning.

Drinking coffee before bedtime

Having a cup of joe before we hit the sack will have serious effects on our sleep. Coffee has caffeine which will keep us wide awake. At least four hours before we go to bed, we shouldn’t have coffee. Also, coffee will increase our metabolism to remain refreshed, which is another reason why we shouldn’t consume it before bedtime.




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