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Tiny Pink Home looks so spacious but its only 160 Square Feet

What is a tiny home according to you? 500 square feet? What would you call 160 square feet?


Poco Pink is a very tiny home that is manufactured by Mint Tiny House Company, and even though it’s tiny, it still has all the wonderful amenities of a traditional home. Pretty hard to believe, right?

It’s clearly adorable from the outside. The compact home sits on a mobile trailer that hooks right up to your towing vehicle.

onsidering the fact that the Poco Pink can be easily transported by truck, it’s hard to imagine that such a small home could feel spacious — just wait until you see inside.

The living area boasts 10-foot-ceilings and plenty of natural light.

The big windows not only provide light but also plenty of fresh, flowing air.

Above the entryway is a 7-foot by 2-foot storage area.

There is a removable ladder that can be used for easy access to the storage area.

The living area flows nicely into the dining area and kitchen.

The dining table for two folds down against the wall to provide extra space.

The fully fitted kitchen has durable countertops, exposed beams, and a stainless steel sink.

The counters provide plenty of room to set up an electric or propane cooktop. The kitchen also has room for a mini-fridge.

The kitchen may look small, but there’s plenty of storage.

cutlery drawer and lazy susan help keep things organized in the compact space.

From the kitchen, you can access the modern bathroom.

The bathroom has a small toilet, wall-hanging sink and 30-inch by 30-inchshower.

Owners of the Poco Pink can choose from a traditional or composting toilet.

Access to the loft sleeping area is by ladder.

There are even light switches that control both the upper and lower levels in the loft.

There’s plenty of room for a king-size bed.

Just watch your head — the ceilings are only 3 feet 4 inches.

There’s even a closet that is plumbed and wired for a compact washer and dryer.

Or just use it for extra drawers, shelving, or to hang your clothes.

The Poco Pink mini-home is perfect for someone looking for mobile, compact living with all of the amenities of a traditional home.





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