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9 Cosmetic Products That Are Just A Total Waste

Advertisements usually play tricks on us and trap us into buying something totally useless. Creams, masks and serums that promise us desirable effects.

Be careful to not get tricked into buying these 9 products.

Take a look:

#1. Split end remedies

basically, there’s no cosmetic remedy that can solve split end issues. The only solution is a hair cut.

#2. Hand cream, foot cream, body lotion

You don’t require different creams for different parts of your body. You can use a single product for your entire body.

#3. Dandruff shampoo

An ordinary shampoo cannot help you get rid of this problem. You need to buy a special medical shampoo.

#4. Facial toner

Cleansing soap is more effective than toner.

#5. Lip balm

An affordable and more useful alternative is cosmetic Vaseline or beeswax with a drop of olive or coconut oil

#6. Shaving cream

Shaving cream was only necessary before shower gels came into existence.

#7. Cellulite cream

there are only two things that can really fight cellulite on the buttocks: an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

#8. Cuticle oil

If you really want to help your nails, try cosmetic Vaseline or basic natural oils.

#9. Tissue masks

You can almost get the same results with a good cream.





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