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Brave Police Officer Hugs Suicide Bomber To Reduce Blast Effect

Photo: Metro

A military arch hugged a self-murder bomber as he detonated his belt to strengthen others from a blast.

The self-murder bomber was sheltered in women’s robes as he carried out a conflict that left 14 people passed during an assist stay for victims of ISIS.

In the blast mostly women and children have died that took place at dusk on Sunday as authorities helped families who head fled Qaim.

The remains of al-Hadba minaret at the Grand al-Nuri Mosque are pictured in the Old City in Mosul, Iraq July 2, 2017. REUTERS/Erik De Castro TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

The police colonel was also amongst the dead at the camp for displaced people in western Iraq, confirmed Councillor Taha Abdul-Ghani.

The officer became suspicious about the person in the long robe and walked up to the attacker, embracing him, presumably to reduce the number of casualties, as he detonated his explosives.

The blast also bleeding during slightest 20 people.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack but suspicion is likely to fall on IS, which has carried out similar attacks in the past.




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