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Doctors Deliver Twins Via C-Section. What They Saw Inside Pregnant Woman’s Tummy Shocked Them!


The human body is a mysterious and miraculous thing and a pregnancy is even more magical.

It’s really beautiful to know that another being with a small beating heart is growing side a woman.

But there are anomalies even in pregnancies that even doctors who have seen it all get shocked by and this was one such case.


The mother was a Spaniard who had twins due for delivery. The doctors delivered her twins through a cesarean section. Everything was normal, but then they found one of the twins still in an amniotic sac intact.

According to them, this case only happens in around once in every 80,000 births around the world. An amniotic sac is a bag of fluid that is found inside the woman’s womb where the unborn baby grows and fully develops.


The some of the first signs of labour is the water breaking which is the amniotic sac which breaks apart as the baby is delivered. However, in rare cases, they do not, which prompts medical professionals to call it “an extremely rare phenomenon.” 

The phenomenon was caught on video and uploaded to the Facebook fan page ‘Céu de Borboletas.’ It has already gathered a total of 17 million views and about 80 thousand ‘likes’ as of this writing.  In the video, the baby was seen lying down in a fetal position and made small movements within the sac and the umbilical cord was still attached while the baby still thought he was in his mother’s tummy!

Wow! Watch the rare phenomenon below to see what they were all talking about: