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He Used Me And It Wasn't His Fault, It Was Mine

Here is a poem by Shefali Yadav who speaks about how an abusive relationship feels to a person is love and how to get out of those clouded emotions to embrace real love; Self love!


He used me, interpret love differently.

I confused love with lust
like I confused him for ‘the one’.
My heart shattered
like bits of paper in the air,
too high and distant to get a hold of,
and of memories torn apart.

But then I faced the mirror.


I felt my face, my body,
and only then did I see and comprehend,
The art of loving yourself.

I had been so lost in finding ‘the one’,

That I’d forgotten I had the power
to define love in my own way.

I had become blind enough
to not see the soul I was,
but to see the soul that had me all over him.
I deserve the love I give to others,
Like my kindness towards my enemies.

My veins flowed with warm blood once again.
I kicked the idea of loneliness, and fear out of my mind.
Let the heart feel what warmth is after ages.

I saw another one of ‘the one’…
I welcomed him again…





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