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This Hot Math Teacher Is Sentenced To 25 Years In Jail For Sexual Activity With Underage Students!

A Math teacher was finally sentenced for having carnal relations with 3 of her male teenage students.

After getting wind of rumors of s*xu4l misconduct by faculty in the school, authorities followed through with a month-long investigation that questioned both students and teachers at Rocky Mount Preparatory school. And according to their findings, 25-year old math teacher Erin McAuliffe might be guilty of engaging in s*x with 3 of her students, two of them 17-year-olds while one of them was just 16.

Authorities believe that all of the alleged instances of s*xu4l misconduct with minors happened outside of school premises, which is probably why it took authorities some time to get wind of allegations.

Erin McAuliffe has since been fired from the school where she had been working as a math teacher since August 2016.

The suspect was just taken into custody just last Thursday and is being held at Carteret County Jail on a $20,000 bond pending her first scheduled court appearance this coming Monday.

The scandalous story has since been covered by news outfits like TMZ, The Sun, and local TV stations.

Erin McAuliffe’s LinkedIn still says that she works as a High School Math Teacher for Rocky Mountain Prep.

Before that, she had worked as a Data Analyst for Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP. She even used to be a Supplementary Instruction Tutor at a Methodist University, the same university from which she got her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. There’s no doubt that Erin had a great passion for her line of work.






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