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Children Eat At Restaurant Unware That Their OFW Dad Is Disguised As The Waiter

Our Its hard staying away from your loved ones even for a day so imagine doing this for their own benefit for years! Being an OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) in other countries is no joke. As a matter of fact, they are the unsung heroes of today. In order to make sure their families are well-fed and well-educated, they sacrifice their own life and go to other countries and work for other families.

Christmas is drawing near and everyone just wants to be with their family and loved ones. In the Philippines, family get-togethers are very important especially when many Filipinos are extremely family-oriented. Sadly, many OFWS have to celebrate the holidays apart from their families. And for siblings Breanna and Chayyen, all they wish for is to spend Christmas with their OFW dad.

According to Facebook user Juv P. Montaner, her brother-in-law (OFW dad) has been working as a nurse in Dubai for more than 3 years and has not come home since then. Their mother on the other hand, was working in Bohol and left both girls in her care. After Breanna’s birthday in November, she was quoted as saying, “Mommy Juv, I will pray million times because Daddy told me he might come home.”

One day, their father called their aunt to set up a surprise as he was scheduled to come home. He specifically asked Juv if it would be possible to let him wear a Jollibee crew uniform. Thankfully, the manager of Jollibee Tubod Ros. Heights, allowed him to wear just a jolly cap, to hide his identity while pretending he was one of the Jollibee crew.

At first, the children were so fixated on the food that they didn’t recognize their dad at first. But Breanna saw something that gave him away. “Breanna and Chayyen did not recognize their Daddy right away but Breanna noticed the handmade bracelet made by her sister Chayyen that was sent to Dubai for their Dad,” Juv said.






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