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Olympic Games Deaths That Were Strange Enough To Shock People.

Olympics is a result of years of dedication, determination and sacrifices and to just participate in the ultimate event is an honour itself. However, to lose a life in during such an event really hurts and here are some deaths that didn’t just hurt people but also shook them.

Nicolas Bochatay

Olympic Deaths

Nicolas was the Swiss Speed Skiing champion who could clock up to 130 MPH. He was involved in an accident while practicing on February 22. While catching air off a bump on a run, Bochatay landed directly in front of snow groomer and was killed instantly.One of the most disturbing deaths in Olympics.

Sochi Street dogs

Olympic Deaths

The 2014 Sochi winter games had made many improvements to make the event successful and one improvement was an unfortunate one of ugly mass killing of the stray dogs in Sochi. They claimed that the destruction of animals was not to be the part of the preparation for the event and hired a company that referred the stray as the biological trash.

Knud Jensen

deaths in Olympics

The 20 year old Jensen, a Danish Cyclist was a part of Danish team during 1960 Rome Olympics. He was competing in the event amidst 40-degree Celsius heat, and one of the four men needed medical attention due to sun stroke. The other members of the team were allowed to continue the race without being disqualified. They won the silver medal before Jensen told teammates that he felt dizzy. His teammates tried to help him by sprinkling water on him, but as they let him go he collapsed to the ground and fractured his skull. He died later that afternoon.

Centennial Olympic Park

deaths in olympics

The park which could hold thousands of people was destroyed by a 3 pipe bombs and masonry nails. Though the security people did their best two people were killed in the incident which left hundreds injured.

Black September

deaths in Olympics

During Munich Olympics, a Palestinian terror group called Black September held 11 Israel athletes as hostages among which two of them tried to fight and were instantly killed. The terrorist demanded the release of 234 inmates of the Israel prison.

Israel declined to their demand and Germany offered them a huge amount of money but the terrorists declined. The rescue operation was launched but something went wrong and the remaining athletes were killed including a police officer and 5 terrorists. Remaining were captured. The games were suspended and memorial service was held for the athletes.

Rio builders

olympic deaths

11 workers lost their lives during Rio de Janeiro Olympics. The accidents included electric shock, falling off the ladder and being hit by a truck. There were several critical injuries including the worker who got his leg amputated.

Nodar Kumaritashvili

deaths in Olympics

While doing a practice run on the Luge track at the whistler sliding center, at a particular dangerous turn, he was thrown off his luge and over the side wall. He hit a steel support beam at 89.2 MPH. Medics rushed to the scene and he was airlifted to the nearby hospital but they were unable to save him.




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