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15 Changes A Woman Has To Go Through After Giving Birth To A Child.

Parenthood is the best feeling on earth. It means giving birth to the unlived, dreaming of things yet undreamed. A mother is the one who cares for her child like no one else in this world could ever do. It is said that after giving birth to a child, a woman gives birth to herself too by becoming a mother. But this beautiful feeling costs a lot. A woman has to go through many changes which totally changes her life but it’s all worth it for a beautiful miracle that happens to you after becoming a mother.

Take a look:

#1. A Woman can possibly poop while giving birth. 

#2. Motherhood costs your sleep. It is understandable that you may not get enough sleep or any sleep at all after the birth of your child.

#3. You may have to do everything else by just using your one hand when your other hand is busy holding your baby. 

#4. Prepare yourself to get dirty every day, because your child is going to puke on you every single day and not just that, he will finally excrete and urinate on you.

#5. You may be aware of this fact that after giving birth your vagina will go through a drastic change. It may terrify you a bit but the walls of the vagina are expected to lose their elasticity.

#6. You may not find your moment of peace at all and be ready to forget the definition of privacy because kids don’t know any.

#7. Pregnancy will ruin your well-maintained figure. Your stomach will take time to go back to its previous shape after giving birth.

#8. A Woman has to do a lot of research about what to do after the baby comes, what could possibly go wrong with him, you have to be updated about everything.

#9. Be ready to do things you may not have imagined until the day. Most women, I mean of course the “Perfect Mothers” suck boogers out of their kids.

#10. Not Just you but your wardrobe has to go through a drastic change too. Get ready to replace all your jeans with sweatpants and say goodbye to all your body-con or body-hugging short dresses.

#11. And prepare yourself to get embarrassed in front of people when your breasts will leak and wet your top literally anywhere anytime.

#12. Your child will mess with your stuff, you will never find another pair of your socks or your shoe especially when you are running late.

#13. You will be unaware of the outer world, forget about the movies, forget about hanging out with friends because this time will be consumed by your baby but trust me it is all worth it. 

#14. Replace your selfies with your baby’s because they are going to be the star of your social media accounts.

#15. Your most time will be dedicated to dressing up your child because he has to look adorable always. Your most shopping will be in Kid’s section.

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