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Cheerleader Partied Every Night And Was Horrified To Give Birth Without Knowing She’s Pregnant

Terri-Anne Hyde was every bit the party girl. The cheerleader and bartender was part of a dance troupe and exercised twice a week.

In 2014, the 21-year-old fell in love with her coworker at the bar where she worked. They’d go out drinking every single night and stay out until the early morning.

Terri-Anne, who was known to drink 15 cans of beer in one sitting, loved her active social life and swore never to have kids.

In fact, she considered undergoing a hysterectomy to prevent future pregnancies.

Terri-Ann and Jack had only been dating for 10 months when she began experiencing strange back pains. At first, she didn’t think much of it until she got into bed one night and was so uncomfortable she couldn’t sleep. She saw blood and mucus when she sat on the toilet, and when she stood up, she felt her body naturally starting to push.

The terrified young woman ran into her mom’s room. Her mother thought she was in the early stages of pregnancy. “No, I’m having a baby right now!” she screamed.

Incredibly, Terri-Ann never developed a baby bump. She was still getting her period and never felt the baby kicking. So, for her entire pregnancy, she’d been drinking alcohol, cheerleading and living life as a party girl with no cares in the world!

Terri-Ann delivered her son Jacob. At first, she refused to look at him or hold him; she didn’t want her family to pressure her into keeping the baby.

But when Jacob was finally placed in her arms, something unbelievable happened.

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