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Mother Charged After Going To The ER With A Dead Daughter’s Body

An Arkansas mother who showed up to an emergency room with her dead infant in her arms has been charged with child abuse.

Sierra Johnson, 20, was arrested on Tuesday over the death of her 18-month-old daughter Kylah Woodard in Fort Smith on January 30.

Johnson’s live-in boyfriend Tyree Wiliams, 25, was charged on February 1 with the little girl’s murder.

The couple had walked into the emergency room at Sparks Hospital carrying Kylah’s body.

Fort Smith Police Department said doctors testified that the child was clearly dead when she was brought to the hospital, but the time of death was unknown.

Doctors had tried to save the infant but were unsuccessful.

They called police after seeing bruises over Kylah’s body.

Police interviewed both Williams and Johnson that day and arrested the boyfriend for unresolved unrelated warrants.

He was charged with Kylah’s murder just days later.

Police said he self-confessed to punching the little girl in the stomach.

Johnson has been charged with allowing the abuse of a minor, which is a class D felony.

The couple are both being held at Sebastian County Adult Detention Center.

Kylah’s body was sent to the State Crime Lab to undergo an autopsy and determine the cause of death.

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