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Off-Grid Parents Who Reject Modern Medicine And Let Daughter Pee On Live TV Are Removed From Home

This family that does not want the “normal” mechanical way of living. Has been now evicted because their neighbours complained.

Adele and Matt Allen consider having a natural upbringing and appeared on This Morning where they didn’t react when their daughter urinated on the floor.

They have rejected modern medicine, Adele continued to breastfeed their five-year-old son, and they planned to home school.

However, Adele has posted a message on Facebook revealing they are being kicked out.

She wrote: ‘So we are being evicted due to certain resident’s concerns over their insurance and our pushchair occasionally drying out in the hallway so it doesn’t cause damp in our small flat…..the line here about insurance rings so true in this incidence.’

On it she posted a picture of a page from a book that included the line: ‘How to you get them to buy insurance? By making them worry about everything.’

She added that they aren’t being evicted any time soon but the landlord has told them the property is being reclaimed.

Neighbour Philip Bull told MailOnline: ‘The kids seem like a handful but they look well cared for and happy.

‘The family has the garden flat in the house and I’ve been told it is a right state, a mess. I was told they all live in the same room which seems a bit strange.

‘I don’t know who the landlord is but I was told he’d had enough of them not obeying house rules. Doors were left open, there was rubbish and bottles left out. It was a state.

When their two children, Ulysses and Ostara, were born, their umbilical cords were left to fall off naturally, in what is known as a ‘lotus birth’.

The couple from Brighton use the controversial ‘Off-Grid Parenting’ style.

Adele, a writer, said: ‘Off-grid is moving towards self sustainability and being a bit more free range and less institutionalised.’

Matt said: ‘We did collect a lot of information but essentially it was just this feeling.’

Adele gave birth to both her children with no medical intervention and unassisted apart from having her husband Matt by her side.

She said: ‘The thought of giving birth in a hospital just didn’t appeal to me because of many reasons – mostly the observer effect.

‘Also, the interventions I think can be gently nudged on you when you are in a very vulnerable state.’

Adele and Matt also decided to have ‘lotus births’, meaning the placenta and umbilical cords were not surgically removed at birth.

Instead, Adele carried the attached placenta in a cool bag, scattered with salt and rose petals to help to dry the placenta and disguise any smell, around with her until it fell off naturally.

She said: ‘With both my births it took six days for the umbilical cord to fall away naturally.

‘You wrap it up and keep it clean and it falls away and forms a perfect belly button.

‘In my knowledge, it’s perfectly safe and it worked beautifully for us. I don’t know of any known cases where it’s gone wrong.





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