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Toddler Poses With Teenage Parents, 17 Years Later Looks Closely At Photo And Exposes Truth

Every family is unique in their own way, but, Madeleine’s family truly isn’t like many others in America! She was born to teenage parents and they faced more adversity when she was younger than most people could even imagine. When she was born, her parents were young and unprepared for starting their own family, but they weren’t about to give up on their baby girl and each other.

Despite so much struggle, Madeleine’s family rose above it all. Nothing shows their perseverance and how far they’ve come more than a picture she posted online following her high school graduation…

Madeleine shared the meaning behind this heartwarming moment with the Love What Matters Facebook page.

“We made it TOGETHER. My mom was 15 while pregnant with me, she had me at 16. My dad was 17. The original picture is from June 2000.

My parents were judged a lot during this time but stayed strong together.

They both lived with their parents but were raising me together. They were determined to make it and provide me with a future. My dad worked full time in construction and my mom was still playing soccer.

Today, they have a strong, loving marriage. They purchased a beautiful home. My mom is a stay-at-home mom and my dad has a great career as a longshoreman. I have two little sisters that are following in my footsteps.”

“The original photo has always been an inspiration to me. I wanted to recreate this photo since the beginning of my senior year but especially after I accepted my offer to college.

I also wanted it to be a reflection to show them how far we’ve come together as a family. My parents have always been my motivation to be successful in high school and now strive to do well in college.

I couldn’t ask for a more loving, supportive family than the one God gave me. Yeah, that’s right, we made it TOGETHER.”

Madeleine’s young parents hurdled over so many obstacles and laughed in the face of life’s challenges. This picture was the perfect capstone to a wonderful childhood and the ideal representation of her supportive family.

Life is always full of ups and downs, but Madeleine knows her parents will be by her side no matter what. Not only are they happy their little girl graduated high school, but they’re so proud that she’s off to college and bettering herself.





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