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Blogger Arrested For Offering Free Sex Online, Around 3,000 Strangers Swarm Her Hotel

A 19-year-old Chinese blogger was just arrested and jailed after she posted on social media offering free sex. The woman posted online under the username ‘Qianjin Yeye,’ and she shared her location in Sanya, China as well as her hotel room number.

Around 3,000 men allegedly showed up at the DoubleTree by Hilton and knocked on her door, while some others called the hotel to ask about the details of the guest staying at room 6316 (her room). Other reports claim thousands in fact swarmed the hotel after the post, even though this information has yet to be confirmed.

The blogger’s post on China’s Weibo and instant-messaging app WeChat read: “Somebody come get me… Sex… for free… 6316.”

A video was also shared showing the blogger wearing a bikini inside her hotel room. In a later post on WeChat, however, the blogger asked people to “stop sharing” her offer and said it was “just a joke.”

She was apparently forced to check out while escorted by hotel staff after several people knocked on her door. Some online users even took videos as they went looking for room 6316, while others posted photos of the door.

The hotel also reported the suspicious activities to the police.

After the hotel received several calls and saw many visitors looking for the blogger, they called the police and filed an official complaint. When the Haitang District authorities arrived at the hotel in the evening, two hours after the blogger’s controversial post, the woman had already left.

The police found her the following day at a hotel in Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

The young blogger was arrested on prostitution charges and for disrupting hotel operations. She was jailed for 15 days and was fined 500 yuan (£57).

According to a statement, the blogger admitted deliberately posting the provocative message to attract followers. Her Weibo account has since been taken down.

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