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Drug-Addicted Aunt Killed Her Own Nephew By Wrapping Him In Tape And Shoved Into A Cabinet.

An infant has been killed by his own drug-addicted aunt. The one-month-old baby, Brian Jay San Agustin a.k.a. Pao-Pao has been wrapped in tape and squeezed into a cabinet for an unspecified amount of time by his drug addict aunt.

As the child was not stopped crying that’s why the drug-addicted aunt did this. While doing the heinous crime she claimed that she was under the influence of illicit substances.

As per the reports by GMA News Pao-Pao’s grandmother contacted the police about her grandson’s disappearance. She received a text message in which it is mentioned asking for P3,000 in exchange for Pao-Pao. Around midnight the child body was found in a canal outside their own house. The child was already dead before 5 hours after the body was discovered, claimed Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO)

Maria Ruth Mariano, the suspect, confessed to her crime and blamed the drugs in her body for what she did.

“Nakagamit po kasi ako ng droga kaya ko nagawa ‘yun.“

She continued the story by saying that she was about to take a shower, but the child wouldn’t stop crying. Since there was no one left with the baby, she taped him up and shoved him inside a cabinet. It was at midnight when she left the child’s body in the gutter.

The infant’s mother couldn’t contain her anger and grief from losing her beloved child. She said that, of course, a child will cry because it is just a child.

The drug-addicted aunt regrets what she has done. She knows that asking for forgiveness will get her nowhere.

However, for the sake of her own two children, she claims that she wants to start a new life.

As reported by GMA News, the suspects says:

“Alam ko po na hindi sapat yung paghingi ng tawad dahil buhay po ‘yung kinuha ko sa kanila. Hindi ko na po maibabalik ‘yun. Hindi na po ako humihingi ng tawad. Humihingi ako ng tulong na makapagbago po ako. Gusto ko pong magsimula ulit para sa dalawa kong anak. Ayoko kasing lumaki ‘yung mga anak ko na walang ina.”

She calls out to her dead nephew and asks if he could give her one last chance to change. For the Philippine National Police (PNP), they are spinning this story as a lesson to all about the devastating effects of illegal drugs.

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