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Drunk Parents Arrested For Leaving Their Children Unattended

Parents fall asleep in a park who were totally drunked leaving their kids unattended while they went on a bender. Later, the police came and woke them up.

Both the parents left their four young children on their own while they drank outdoors.

Police in Ukraine released shocking photos showing the drunk mum and dad passed out in a park

Cops said the mum could not remember the names or ages of her kids

The drunk parents left their children, including a baby girl less than a year old, in the blazing summer sun.

When the onlookers saw the unnamed parents they were shocked. They were hitting the bottle in the city of Lviv in western Ukraine.

After they drank few sips they totally passed out. The woman was on her 35, and her husband, 28.

Eye witnesses claimed that the children were too young to look after themselves and were covered in dirt and crying.

The onlookers tried to wake up the passed out parents but they failed and called the emergency services.

When the police arrived they managed to wake up the boozy parents. When the mum woke up she was so drunk that she struggled to recall the names of her kids and their age.

The boozed up parents could be forced to give up their remaining children

The mother said that they were celebrating her birthday with her husband but did not remember how they ended up in the park.

All the four children were taken into care and they have now been sent to an orphanage.

Authorities say the woman, who is a mum of eight, could now stand to lose her other children.

The parents have been ordered to improve their behaviour and social services are closely monitoring them.

Rostislav Tymkov, of child services, said: “The parents still have a chance to change their life within a year.

“If they fail to do so the law provides one way out of it — going to court to strip them of their parental rights.”

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