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Fetish Murderers Sentenced To Life Behind Bars For ‘Thrill Kill’ Of Autistic Teen

A serial killer-obsessed British woman has been jailed for life for the ‘thrill kill’ killing of an autistic teenager in Perth, Australia.

Jemma Lilley, 26, initially from Stamford, Lincolnshire, was obsessed with ticking a murder ‘off her bucket list’ before she turned 25.

In June 2016, she murdered 18-year-old Aaron Pajich with the help of her bondage-loving housemate Trudi Lenon, 43.

On Wednesday, the pair was sentenced to life behind bars after facing the Supreme Court of Western Australia on Wednesday.

Judge Stephen Hall said the pair had violent fantasies about murder and death, and chose their victim because he was susceptible, WA Today reported.

‘Neither of you had any reason or motive for wanting to kill a particular person,’ he said.

‘The idea of killing another person was something that excited both of you. You killed for your own pleasure.

‘This is a very serious case of murder… there are few if any cases in this jurisdiction which are comparable.’

Justice Hall said the duo’s crime was morally offensive and one which would provoke feelings of ‘horror and revulsion’ in normal people.

‘Your malicious pleasure at public appeals was clear when Mr Pajich was missing,’ Justice Hall said.

‘The offence is morally repugnant … all right-thinking people would have feelings of horror and revulsion.

‘It was a planned and premeditated killing over weeks, including how it would be carried out, the body disposed of and cleaned up.

‘It was a pitiless pursuit of your desire to kill for your own pleasure.’

Lilley, who moved to Australia six years ago, was described in psychiatric reports as a narcissistic sadist who took pleasure in the pain of others.

Lilley’s stepmother Nina, 48, who still lives in the UK, said in an interview earlier this year that Lilley had ‘always had an obsession with serial killers.

‘I always felt on edge with her. I always felt unnerved by her. I don’t think she did have empathy’.

Nina said she even left the family home because she could not bear living with Lilley, who she believed was a psychopath and perhaps had bipolar depression.

Photographs from inside the home Lilley shared with Lenon show it decorated with horror film paraphernalia.

Inside the house of horrors, a block of knives can be seen on what appears to be a kitchen counter, sitting next to a ‘Chucky’ with a sharp knife in its hand.

Pictures show the squalid conditions the pair lived in, including a large saucepan containing moulded meat police suspect was used in an experiment with hydrochloric acid.

Lenon, who Pajich had trusted because of his friendship with her young son, lured the Asperger’s syndrome sufferer to a shopping centre and back to their home.

She had been living with Lilley for three months and agreed to help her commit her first murder as her ‘submissive’.

Pajich was believed to have been killed just after arriving at the home, and was found buried beneath a concrete slab in the backyard a week after going missing.

When he was finally found he had multiple stab wounds, had been garrotted and had cling film around his face.

The pair initially denied the killing and blamed each other, but was convicted of murder on Novermber 1 last year following a five week trial.

Lilley originally claimed she didn’t know Mr Pajich had been killed and said Lenon must have concealed the murder while she was taking a three-hour nap.

Lenon said she witnessed Lilley stabbing the 18-year-old to death, and claimed she helped conceal the crime out of fear.

Pajich’s stepmother Veronica Desmond said outside court she hoped Lilley and Lenon would rot for their crimes.

‘Such a lovely boy, he really was, so much love for Aaron,’ she said.

‘I hope you rot, I hope you live to regret what you’ve done.’

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