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Infuriated Wife Puts Chillies On Cheating Husband Mistress

A pregnant woman punished her husband mistress by ramming chilli peppers into her genitals. The woman, Ly Chanel, 23, started getting suspicious about her husband Chien Keo, 24,when he kept disappearing for hours.

Ly Chanel and four of her friends reportedly attacked the woman after her husband was found cheating

She then with the help of her four friends followed him to a motel before catching him with a young girl in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam.

As per the local media reports the wife then put on latex gloves while three other women held down the mistress and assaulted her with super-hot red bird’s eye chillies.

While doing so they even posted pictures online boasting of the punishment – but sparked a furious backlash for not targeting the husband.

The disturbing images showed the being held down by her head, arms and legs with red fleshy seeds from inside the peppers smeared across her body and the bedsheets.

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PHOTOS: A Pregnant wife, 23, and Her Group of Friends Insert Chillies and Salt into Mistress’s Genitals in a Fit of Rage

Apparently unrepentant Ly said: ‘’How can he care for us if he then he cheats with another girl. A woman who destroys the family.

”Women can forgive easily but they can never forget. Jealousy is painful. She will know this.

‘’There are people who hate me now, but life is like that, you cannot please everyone.”

The victim have not registered any complaint but prosecutors said Ly Chanel could be fined if police charge her.

Critics blasted her for targeting the woman instead of her husband

The incident might be staged, but, till now there is so such possibility found.

Lawyer Giang Hong Thanh from the district attorney’s office added: ”If chilli smears cause injury to another woman’s genitalia the wife may be dealt with under Article 104 of the Penal Code.”

He added: “She may be subject to administrative sanctions and a fine of from 2,000,000 VND (£70) to 3,000,000 VND (£100).”

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