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Man Films The Moment He Was Murdered On Facebook Live

A man has dreadfully filmed his own murder on Facebook Live after a killer opened fire on him near a North Carolina university campus.

Prentis Robinson, who is aged in his 50s, was shot dead as he walked by Wingate University’s campus on Monday morning.

Robinson had been recording himself walking down the street using a selfie stick when he encountered the male shooter, who has been identified by police as Douglas Colson.

A warrant has been approved for Colson’s arrest.

The Facebook video shows him temporarily exchanging words with the gunman and Robinson telling him that he is ‘on live’.

Seconds later multiple gunshots can be heard and Robinson falls to the ground.

The gunman was captured on video walking over Robinson and the camera as he absconded the scene.

The university was instantly placed on lockdown as police searched the campus for the shooter.

Robinson was found by police suffering multiple gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities are still trying to track down the gunman but the university lockdown was lifted at about 1pm.

Police are looking for a person they describe as a black man wearing a blue and black windbreaker and brown Timberland boots.

It is not clear if Robinson and the gunman knew each other.

Sources have told Fox 46 that Robinson had previously outed suspected local drug dealer on Facebook.

Robinson had multiple Facebook Live videos on his profile from the past few days.

Just prior to being shot, Robinson had stopped in at Wingate Police Department to talk to the chief about his phone being stolen.

The police station is moments away from where he was shot.

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