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Mentally Disabled Woman Is Stripped, Shaved And Abused Of Being Child Kidnapper

A horrific footage shows the moment a mentally disabled woman is tied to a tractor and beaten to death by a mob after she was wrongly accused of being a child kidnapper.

Otera Bibi, 42, mentally disabled had been living with her parents but wandered from her home to a nearby village in West Bengal, India, last Tuesday.

Dilip Ghosh, a local villager, stopped Otera inside the wooden hut and sparking fears that she was trying to snatch his ten-year-old daughter.

When the villagers came to know they tied Otera to a tractor and attacked her for three hours with sticks and pelting her with stones.

According to the eye witnesses in the Mithipur-Panagarh village, locals had ripped off her clothes and shaved her head as they ‘beat her mercilessly”,.

Video: Dailymail

She tried to prove her innocence but the onlookers could not understand what she was saying.

In the afternoon the police were informed and they rushed her to the Jangipur sub-divisional hospital. But, unfortunately, she died of her injuries after the attack in the Murshidabad district.

Murshidabad Superintendent of Police Mukesh said: ‘A mob beat up the woman after a rumour spread that she was trying to lift children from the village.

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

‘We have started investigating the murder case. We are trying to identify the people involved in the lynching as well as those who spread the rumour.’

Several villagers were detained by the police for questioning but so far nobody has been charged over the death.

A few days before a similar incident has happened in which a child vanished from the neighbourhood due to which the villagers believed Otera was a child kidnapper.

But Otera’s husband said his wife was ‘mentally challenged’ while her family said they were not concerned at first when she went missing because she would often wander away from home for a day or two.

Photo: Dailymail





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