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Murder Investigation Launched When A 20-Year-Old Murdered Over A Parking Space

A 20-year-old man killed after a brawl at a motorway service station was murdered after a row over a parking space, witnesses have claimed.

According to the police the attack was horrifying which took place on Monday. Even the eye witnesses were shocked with the attack at the Cobham Services in Surrey.

Quhey Saunders, 20-year-old , was a prominent member of the travelling community.

The detectives Surrey and Essex are probing the likelihood the killing was the latest feud involving two members of the travelling community.

As per the reports by Daily Mail the Saunders family have previously been involved in a long running dispute with another traveller family.

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

A shortgun has been fired at his home by one relative and another an ear severed as part of the long-running dispute.

The victim was airlifted to St George’s Hospital, Tooting, London, but was pronounced dead on Wednesday.

After he passed away, Larosa Smith, his girlfriend, has posted a heartbreaking tribute to Mr Saunders on social media, accompanied with photographs of him having fun with his friends.

She said: ‘He wasn’t just my boyfriend he was my best friend, my full life.

‘I’m so lost without him, knowing I can’t just ring his phone and hear his voice or fall asleep on the phone like we did every night. Even when we’d argue we would ring each other and not talk, just go to sleep on the phone. It’s the little things [that] mean the most.

‘I love you with all my heart my Quhey.’

In the days leading up to his death, Miss Smith chronicled his progress on Facebook.

On Tuesday evening, heartbreakingly she wrote: ‘A miracle will happen because I’m not ready to lose him after 5 years. He’s not leaving me.’

Half an hour later, she added: ‘The machine is still on’ with a prayer emoji.

She later added photographs of him to her page and changed her profile picture to the pair kissing.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, she wrote: ‘Just got back from the hospital really didn’t want to leave his side.

‘My heart is broke. Everyone keep him in your prayers tonight, we need a miracle.’

But sadly, after she learned of his death, she poured her heart out to her Facebook friends, revealing her devastation over the loss of her ‘Q’.

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

She wrote: ‘R.I.P my baby I have no words to describe the way I feel right now I thought you’d broke my heart in the past but this is what a broken heart feels like.

‘I really don’t know how I’m gonna live without you. You was my everything.

‘I lived every day for you. Everything I done was for you.

‘You watched me grow from being 13 – five years with you now.

‘I’ve got to go on by myself, we had our ups and downs, we’ve been through so much but I’d do it all again 50x over.

‘I know you’ll always be by my side, I know you’ll never leave me, you’ll always be there watching over me – watching every move I make.

‘You put up a good fight – I’m so proud of you.

‘I love you more than anyone or anything in this full world. You’ll never leave my side and I’ll never love anyone like I love you ❤️.’

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On Wednesday her life support machine were switched off and immediately the police launched a murder enquiry.

Luke, his brother, wrote on Facebook Quhey ‘stole the show again’ after donating his heart and accompanied it with a video of an air ambulance flying off into the distance.

He said: ‘He’s donated [his] heart to a young man that had no more than a couple of days to live and needed a heart transplant desperately.

‘You got one last flight brother and went out in style. Your legacy will live forever my king – a legend never dies.’

In a separate post, the boxer added Quhey took his shirt off to ‘fight two cowards on a garage forecourt.

He wrote: ‘[It] was too much for them they had to take your life with weapons. What did he ever do to deserve this?

‘You couldn’t of broke his legs or arms, that wasn’t good enough, you had to take my baby brothers life.

‘ I hope you feel the pain you have put me and my family through for the rest of your life.’

In November 2015 Quhey’s brother Paul Saunders, 30, attacked a member of the rival family with a machete.

Video: Dailymail

Last year, Chelmsford Crown Court heard how he was one of those three masked men who jumped out of a stolen car and set upon 24-year-old Edward Dooley outside an Essex bar.

In the attack Dooley’s left hand was virtually severed and his left index finger was cut as he also suffered a fractured skull and cuts to his head, back and neck.

The court pleaded Saunders of Chadwell St Mary, Essex, guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent and was jailed for eight years.

The court also heard how a shotgun was previously fired six or seven times at Saunders’ parents’ Essex home when his mother was inside with four sleeping children.

Following the latest episode of violence Dooley was later jailed when he organised a drive-by shooting which left his 54-year-old victim blind in one eye and with serious injuries.

Chelmsford Crown Court was told Dooley organised the ‘hit’ in retribution for the brutal machete attack he suffered and his initial 16 year jail term was increased on appeal to life.

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

Last night one post on a social network asked if the Saunders family were going to allow the ‘shades’ – the Irish slang for police – to investigate or whether they would ‘seek vengeance.’

Lots of people have poured tribute for the man, who has been described as a ‘lovely boy’ and who joked about working as a male escort on his Facebook page.

Writing on social media, friend Shannon Crossley said: ‘Rest in peace Quhey. Such a lovely boy. Taken far too soon. Life isn’t fair. Heart goes out to his family & close friends.’

His friends and family started posting suppotive messages on Facebook hours before his death hoping he would pull through.

A eye witness Witness Rafael Francis, 53, said that he was on his way to work for a delivery company at 3.15pm on Monday when he saw the fight break out.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, the retired soldier said: ‘I don’t know what started it, but there were lots of vicious punches and kicks being thrown. They were shouting about getting a gun, that’s when I tried to get involved.’

He added that he could only watch as Mr Saunders started being hit in the head with a shovel but later on, his training ‘kicked in’ and he screamed for an ambulance while trying to stem the blood.

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

Mr Francis said: ‘His mother kept asking me if I thought the boy was going to make it, I couldn’t look her in the eye. There was just too much blood.’

The family members were not available at the moment when they were approached today.

The police recovered the white van abandoned in Chessington in which two men left the scene.

Senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Jo Hayes, of Surrey Police, said: ‘This was a horrifying attack at a busy petrol station on the M25, and I am sure that there are people who saw what happened but have not yet spoken to my officers.

‘This is now a murder investigation, and we are pursuing all avenues of enquiry to bring those responsible to justice.

I would like to speak to everyone who refuelled at the petrol station, or visited the shop, between 3pm and 3.30pm on Monday 26 June.

‘In particular there is a man shown in the store on CCTV wearing military or camouflage clothing who could have very valuable information for the investigation.

‘If this person is you, please come forward. There are reports of people filming on mobile phones during the altercation, and immediately afterwards, and it is imperative that we get hold of their footage.

‘There were vehicles on the forecourt during the fight, and I want to speak to those drivers, and view any dashcam footage they may have.

She added: ‘Finally, although we have recovered the van, we still need to piece together its movements.

‘The van is described as a white Peugeot Partner Van, registration NX63 VLP, with a roof rack and ladder strapped to the roof.

‘If you saw the van between 3.30pm on Monday and 10am this morning, or have information about the driver and their whereabouts, please contact us as a matter of urgency.’





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