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Newborn Baby Abandoned In The Forest Being Eaten Alive By Ants In The Forest!

Newborn babies are delicate and should be taken care very carefully because he or she doesn’t have the full capacities to be left alone yet. A baby needs attention and good nutrition so that they grow up into a full-fledged adult without complications.

This is the story of a baby who was found on a pile of leaves with ants covering her body, reported by Mirror. The baby was first witnessed by a passer-by passing through a shortcut when he heard the cries of a baby.

The sources claimed that the man found the baby on the forest borders of Chelyabinsk, which is a city in Russia. The new born baby was around three-days-old as per authorities estimation. When they saw her the umbilical cord was still attached to her navel.

When the man discovered the baby he immediately called an ambulance and they brought her to a hospital so that she could fully recover from the injuries she had sustained. The baby’s body was full of ants but it was still not indicated what type of ants were they. However, red ants’ bites are known to be extremely painful.

A police spokesperson said to the source: “The person that found the baby girl heard her crying, and on investigating discovered the child lying on a pile of leaves and covered in ants.”

Police are searching the parents of the baby who abandoned her. They also thanked the man who found her and claimed that chances of her surviving would definitely be much lower had she not been found.

An additional report from Daily Mail noted that a spokesperson revealed: “It was clear that the child had been abandoned and there was no one else in sight, so they picked her up and called for an ambulance.”

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