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This Old Man And His Disabled Daughter Gets A New House Thanks To Kindhearted Citizens

This the story of an old man who walks for hours just to be able to sustain the needs of his disabled daughters was helped by citizens from his barangay.

The old man, naming, Tatay Arunting is from Barangay Tiguib Ayungon in Negros Oriental. When he was asked how old he was, he said he didn’t remember. His looks says that he is very old, but still works for his two daughters.

The old man would walk at least 30 minutes to go down the mountain and another 30 minutes to arrive in the town. He goes to the town to beg money from the sidewalks every day so he can feed his two disabled daughters.

It’s a daily struggle for the father to go down the slopes. Despite that he sacrifices everything just to give food to his children. Some of the citizens visited his home as they discovered what the old man was going through. When they realized how difficult the father situation is they were heartbroken.

Arunting’s story was shared on social media by a kind netizen so that more people will be aware and may be they can help him. Most of the people extended their hands and assistance to the poor household.

Money was donated to the family. The money was allocated to put up a house for the father and his daughters. They chose a convenient location to build a house. The house is near the market and they had many neighbors so they can ask for help in case there is an emergency.

The family was also given food and brought to the hospital so they can be checked. Thanks to concerned citizens, the old man will not suffer from the long walks again.

See the video of his story below:

Photo: Dailymail





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