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If You See A Bent Tree In The Forest, Take A Step Back And Look Around Right Away

We are surrounded by the beauty of nature and we can’t have enough of it. All of the beautiful animals, beaches, trees, lakes, and even rocks were perfectly set in place by our Lord. Many of us take advantage of the nice weather and get outside to enjoy the beauty of our world. One of the most popular outdoor activities in the world is hiking and camping.

If you have been roaming through the forest in the US, you may have noticed that some trees look bent. These unusual trees look strange, but the reason they have been bent is very interesting!

According to the American Forest website:

“Native Americans would bend young trees to create permanent trail markers, designating safe paths through rough country and pointing travelers toward water, food or other important landmarks. Over the years, the trees have grown, keeping their original shape, but with their purpose all but forgotten as modern life sprang up around them.”

So, next time you notice a bent tree, take a closer look at it! Native Americans would often time bend these trees to point a certain direction, but that’s not true for all of them. There are a few key details and differences that you need to keep an eye out for to see why they are really bent the way they are.

Some of the trees have an obvious nose that pokes out at the end of the bend. This was done by inserted a piece of the tree into a hole and letting the tree to grow around it.

In addition to the nose, there is sometimes another small detail that you should notice: if you look at the top part of the inner bend, you may be able to see marks from where the straps were placed when the trees were young.

These bent trees are easily arounf 150 to 200 years old and are being destroyed as human expand and develop our societies into nature. Luckily the Mountain Stewards website was created.  They mapped out over 1,000 bent trees all over the country and documented exactly where they were. Now we can go out and enjoy the forests while appreciating the history of these trees!

Watch the video below:

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