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The Story Of A Homeless Guy Transforming Into An Owner Of A Fruit Juice Empire Is Just So Inspiring

If you look at the 46-year-old Khalil Rafiti, you won’t have any clue that he was a homeless man once. Unless, of course, you’ve already seen his Instagram.

He made millions from his business SunLife Organics juice bars He also released a book where he detailed his experiences about how he rose from rags to riches.

Khalil Rafiti, 46 who was homeless is now an owner of a successful juice bar business.

He struggled with his drug addiction and weighed 48 kg. Luckily, a friend took the time to help him by motivating him to start his own business.

With his friend’s help, Khalil started making juices for patients and staff if the Riviera Recovery Center.

He established his own business in Malibu and called it SunLife Organics.

The juice bar gained fame by selling healthy beverages.

His juices soon became a hit in the area.

Some of his loyal customers include Hollywood celebs and other popular personalities.

Khalil is also a great boss to his employees.

What makes him even more amazing is the fact that he never forgets where he came from.

Khalil Rafiti is an inspiration to us

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