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Stray Dog Found On The Road Suffering From Dreaded Disease Undergoes Amazing Transformation

A dog named Birdie has been left on the streets of Ajmer, Rajasthan in a very bad condition. The dog’s eyes were sunken eyes and looked frail. The poor animal is suffering from the dreaded viral disease that takes a toll on the gastrointestinal, nervous, and respiratory systems.

The dog was spotted by a passerby at the corner of a street and he immediately called up an animal hospital. When the TOLFA (Tree Of Life For Animals), an animal rescue organization located in Rajasthan, India, learned about the terrible condition that Birdie was in, they moved in fast to help the animal.

The animal rescue team arrived and were absolutely horrified at the pitiable condition of the dog. Even, the name “Birdie” has given by the team after looking at the condition of the poor dog.

“She was found in a shocking condition. She was dehydrated and starving, and her eyeballs were totally sunk into her skull,” MailOnline quotes Jemma Sadler, a spokesperson for TOLFA.

She also emphasized the difficulty in treating Distemper disease due to its non-responsiveness to antibiotics.

It’s very hard to find any specific drug to cure distemper. That means, Birdie’s recovery process was very difficult, which required lots of care. She also had to be given IV fluids at regular intervals.

The members of TOLFA didn’t gave up on Birdie and continued with the treatment, even though they knew that she had a very low chance of surviving the disease. Very soon, the signs of improvement appeared and to everyone’s delight, Birdie gradually recovered.

“Birdie is now a beautiful young, bouncy, happy dog.

“She still has the twitch that makes her open and close her mouth, but that’s due to having had Distemper and she joins a long line of TOLFA Sanctuary dogs that have weird and wonderful unique ‘survival twitches.’

“We see them as a reminder of their remarkable courage rather than any long term problem,” Saddler said.

She can now rest in the knowledge that she never has to suffer any more on the streets of Ajmer, India, TOLFA continues to discover and rescue her compatriots. TOLFA has helped more than 100,000 animals in India.

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