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Teen Offers to Exchange her Virginity for the Latest iPhone 8

How far would you go just to get your hands on an iPhone?

Apple enthusiasts and devotees herd Apple stores to get their hands on one. But what about the interested people who cannot afford to buy the all new gadget?

This Chinese teenager decided to sell her ‘virginity’ online in exchange for the latest iPhone 8, but receives the most ruthless lesson of all instead.

17-year-old Xiao Chen claims she was upset that all of her friends had the latest iPhone 8 and she didn’t have one.

Upon hearing that one classmate had traded ‘sex’ for the newly launched phone, she decided that it was the only way for her to get one.

She then ‘auctioned’ her virginity online, where anybody, including predators and criminals, can meet up with her for sex.

One woman, 21-year-old Nana, decided to teach Xiao a lesson, a lesson that would scar her for life.

Turns out, Nana was a vlogger and wanted to teach Xiao a brutal lesson of a lifetime. Nana asked to meet with Xiao after pretending to be a rich man’s secretary. Nana claimed that her ‘boss’ was interested, and asked to meet up with Xiao at a tea shop.

Nana tried to influence Xiao, but the latter seemed set on selling her virginity. “All I have to do is lie there, right?” Xiao says during the interview, adding: “We each get what we want. I’ve already thought it through.”

Nana then gives the girl around £60 as a “deposit” and the pair set up a time and place for the deal to take place, but the teenager has no idea that she is about to be set up for a very public shaming.

Upon entering the hotel room with her client, Xiao receives the phone as an act of gaining her trust.

But things go terrifyingly wrong for Xiao Chen when three more men, one with a camera, enter the room and the trio say they want to “have some fun”.

The teen is pinned to the bed, and then Nana bursts out from the hotel room bathroom to stop the staged scene.

“Now are you afraid?” Nana screams at Xiao Chen, who sits crying on the bed.

“Well, it’s too late now!” the vlogger adds, saying: “It’s not worth selling anything just for a phone.”

Nana then ordered the men to get out of the room and takes the cameras with them. It is believed that Nana had a talk with Xiao.

However, many netizens were skeptical about the video, claiming it was fake, and that the brutal prank was staged.

Watch the video below:

Photo: viral4real





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