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1.5 Million Volunteers In India Plant A Record-Breaking 66.3 Million Trees In 12 Hours

In 2016, volunteers in India planted a record-breaking 49.3 million trees in 24 hours. But two weeks ago, they did it again, this time it was 66.3 million trees.

1.5 million and more volunteers turned out at the Narmada River in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, to plant an incredible amount of tree saplings, from 7am to 7pm. To put that number of volunteers into perspective, just think of the entire population of Philadelphia coming out to plant trees together.

The massive tree planting event along with the Narmada River was carefully monitored by judges from the Guinness World Records. In total, 66, 300, 000 trees were planted, which is still under review.

India agreed to spend $6 billion dollars to reforest about 12 per cent of its land. This most recent tree-planting project was introduced by the government of Madhya Pradesh, who rallied together a huge amount of caring individuals from 24 districts.

“By planting trees we are not only serving Madhya Pradesh but the world at large,” said Shirvraj Singh Chouhan, the State’s Chief Minister, who highly praised all the volunteers for their selfless efforts on this “historic day.”

Other nations have also taken to massive planting projects. In Africa alone, 10 nations have promised to restore 31.7 million hectares of land as part of the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative.

In the meantime, an engineer in Australia, Dr. Susan Graham, helped design a drone that could help plant at least 1 billion trees every year. The drone scans the land and looks for a suitable place for the seeds to grow, and fires germinated seeds into the soil.

According to the United Nations, 17 percent of the world’s carbon emissions are due to deforestation and forest degradation, which causes the planet to lose an estimated 15 billion trees every year.

Everyone should help one another in saving Mother Earth by helping conserve our natural resources. Beautiful caring acts, like this tree planting initiative in India, is not only inspirational, but sets a precedent for other nations to learn from.

Photo: ntd.tv