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10 People Who Have Been The Luckiest In The History Of Luck.

You know, sometimes good things happen to us when the luck is in our favor. It’s almost like that particular incident was destined to happen.

Here’s a list of a few people who got extremely lucky.

#1. Lena Påhlsson


This woman found her wedding ring, which disappeared 16 years ago while harvesting vegetables in her harden. Incredibly, a carrot grew through the ring, and the ring came up with the vegetable.

That sure is pretty lucky.

#2. Steve Flaig


This guy grew up without his mother and he had desperately been looking for her from years. Eventually, when he began to work in a huge chain store and opened up to his boss about his struggle, the boss happened to recognize Steve’s mom’s last name, turns out she was working at a different branch of this chain store.

It’s a small world, right?!

#3. Virginia Fike


This woman always chose the same digit combination for her lottery tickets. The first number was for the number of years her parents had been married, and the second was their age at the year of their wedding. In 2012, she signed 2 tickets with the same numbers by accident, each of which got her a million dollars.

#4. Tsutomu Yamaguchi


This man survived two nuclear attacks on Japan. He was 3 kilometers away from the explosion in Hiroshima, where he went on a business trip. He got burnt but he was okay. Three days later, he returned to his workplace in Nagasaki, where the second explosion took place.

#5. Harrison Odjegba Okene


Harrison Odjegba Okene worked as a cook on a ship. He was in the bathroom when the ship began to sink and wasn’t able to evacuate in time. Luckily, he was able to move into the engine room where an air bag formed. Rescuers were able to find him only in three days. Harrison was the only survivor among the 12 team members. Wow!