Home Hacks These Amazing 9 Bra Tricks You Need To Learn Now

These Amazing 9 Bra Tricks You Need To Learn Now

A bra is the most important part of clothing, we use it every day, which is why we need to learn all the tips on how to feel comfortable while wearing this piece of underwear.

#1. Don’t let it slip

Strapless bras slip to your stomach or poorly support your breasts. Attach a strap to the back of the bra, pass it under your breasts, and fasten it on the back on the other side. Now your bra will stay in place whatever you do.

#2. The perfect push-up

Stick the self-adhesive cups diagonally instead of in the usual horizontal position — from the bottom and side of each breast.

#3. If the straps rub

Attach special silicone pads to the straps which will not allow them to rub your skin.




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