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In America Woman With The Longest Legs Was Bullied, And Now She Is A Successful Model.

Chase Kennedy is not someone you can avoid in a crowd, as she is among America’s taller women at 6’5’’, and her long legs are the longest in the country at 51 inches.

Today, she is in her mid-20s, who had a tough time growing up. She was among the tallest girl, and even towered over most boys.

While she was in school other children used to tease her by calling names like “giraffe,” “twiggy,” and “legs.” She always dreamed about having shorter legs so that she could blend in.

But, there was one subject where she was too good—sports. She soon realized that in games like volleyball and basketball, her height was a blessing.

No matter from which team she plays, she always ended up being one of the tallest girls of the match. And that was something she used fully to her advantage.

When she reached her adulthood, dating became a problem for Kennedy—she just couldn’t find a man tall enough for her. Add to her woes, shorter guys were put off by her height.

“In high school, dating was very difficult because boys were intimidated by my height and I towered over a lot of them,” she says in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Even in the modelling industry, she faced problems initially. Most of the modelling agencies turn down women because of their short stature, but in Kennedy’s case, it was the exact opposite.

“They (agencies) told me time over time, ‘We don’t know what to do with you,’” she said, as reported by Stuff.

She tried her luck in New York and Europe. Very soon, she got the attention of agencies, who fell head over heels with her 51-inch-long svelte legs. Now, she’s a successful model.

Unlike what she once thought during her school days, Kennedy admits that now, “I would not change my height. I would be the height I am.”

“At the end of the day I’m really happy to be as tall as I am,” she added.

With the longest legs in America, Kennedy is a rare human specimen. Despite having tough time during her childhood because of her legs, it’s great to know that it was eventually her legs that landed her fame.

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