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Disney Let A Woman Enter With A Pass From 1994, Ain’t That Magical ?


Disney World is one of the most magical places on earth and Chelsea Herline swear by it.

Herline, 27, from the Bay Area, wanted to try her luck by using a ticket from 1994 to get into the park.

And it worked!

Disney proves how magical it could get by accepting this ticket from 1994.


Of course it doesn’t look like the high end wristbands Disney uses now, but there is an amazing vintage point to it. Herline was amazed when she found out that Disney was willing to accept the pass. “I was totally not expecting to go to Disney World that day” she told the Today.

Little Chelsea got sick on the last day which is why she couldn’t use the pass.


A 5 year old Chelsea had to stay back when she got sick during a family trip 22 years ago, missing out on the last day that she would have gotten to go to Disney land. When her family found this old pass, she thought she could try her luck and see if she could go back.

She definitely made this visit special.


And I wish it had been me in her place.

She also wore the ‘first visit’ button.


How sweet could that be.

Reunion with them besties.


Mm, I am going to look into some old Disney passes, you know, just in case.