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Grammar Quiz Challenges Players To Pick The Correct Plurals – And The Creator Claims Just 4% Will Pass

The 20-question quiz asks players to pick the right plural from a multiple choice, but the creator claims just 4 per cent will answer them all appropriately.

The nouns range from easier words like ‘sheep’ and ‘human’ to ones like ‘ox’ and ’emphasis’ that might give people pause for thought.

The quiz was created by a member of the Playbuzz community and is said to be leaving players puzzled.

The answers are at the bottom – so no cheating…






















The answers

  1. Crises
  2. Sheep
  3. Humans
  4. Roofs, although rooves is an outdated spelling
  5. Memos
  6. Dignoses
  7. Elves
  8. Criteria
  9. Culs-de-sac
  10. Emphases
  11. Cellos
  12. Moose
  13. Fungi
  14. Oxen
  15. Oases
  16. Halves
  17. Atlases
  18. Bison
  19. Species
  20. Appendices

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