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Insane Father Chops Off His Daughter’s Ears Because A Ghost Told Him To Do So

A father in India chopped off his three-year-old daughter’s ears and said that he did it after being told by the ghost. Amrit Bahadur, 35, father of six, told that the spirit said him to ‘make your daughter cry’ or else it would take her away.

Investigators said that Bahadur, who works as a cleaner at a restaurant, attacked his daughter Bina at home after locking wife Meena Devi 33, and his other children on the terrace. He reportedly beat his daughter before chopping off the ears.

The neighbours who alerted by Meena’s scream for help called the police, who arrested the father and took him into custody. The girl was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Fortunately, the doctors have managed to reattach her ears. Meena informed police that her husband had been hallucinating for the last ten days. She also said that he was disturbed for the last two months, since they lost their two-year-old daughter to a fever.

Photos: Daily Mail

Station House Officer Manjeet Singh, from GTB Enclave Police Station, said: “We arrested Bahadur the same day.

He told us a ghost had told him to make his daughter cry. The accused has admitted his crime but claimed the spirit made him do so.’

He was charged with attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm. Bina is now recovering at home.





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