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Japanese Bikini Model’s Breasts Look Like The Pokemon Character

Recently, a hot and steamy picture of Japanese bikini model surfaced online and soon after it became viral. The reason behind the picture that makes it so special, is that she is said to be the most voluptuous Asian woman. Here Is The Photo That Surfaced Online:

Japanese model has that oomph factor and look what gravity did to her breasts. Don’t you feel that these curves resemble something we love other than breasts?  We are talking about another Japanese thing that made us fall in love. Pokemon!

It’s Diglett. Diglett is a mole Pokemon and is Ground/Steel type. Its the lightest and shortest type of Grund Pokemon. It is known for its speed and it evolves into Dugtrio after a certain level.

Her curves just look like Diglett and we love those. As soon as it surfaced online it created a stir among people. responded to the uncanny resemblance.

Bence Zovits Replied With A To The Point Gif.

Duck Duck’s Reaction Was Pure Fun.

Here Is How Isooka Commented.

Sneek Made The Pro Comment.

And this is what we would like to say.

She has made the Pokemon Diglett very famous and we hope she too gets very famous and we see more of her.






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