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This Man Proposed A Dutch Pilot On Instagram, Gets Hilarious Reply From Her Husband

Failing in love is the best thing in this world. This desi man fell in love with a Dutch pilot and proposed her only to get a hilarious response from the husband. Get intrigued with what happened to this desi man.

1. Oh! The harsh reality

The Dutch pilot sure is beautiful and the desi man couldn’t control his hormones and fell in love. The result? An apt response from the husband.

2. Bridging the gap

With the growing craze of social media, confessing your love is not a big deal anymore. You find them out, see their pictures and bam! That’s what happened with this desi man after he saw the pictures of the Dutch pilot. What this desi man didn’t know was that there was a husband and he will give a response to every shit.

3. There are other options too

Ok, you saw the pictures and you fell in love. Instead of commenting on her picture, you could have used the DM option. Instagram has the facility you know. There would have been a higher chance of a response. Well, love took the best of this desi man. He commented on a picture of this Dutch pilot. Enters the husband.


4. Proper introduction

The name of this desi man is Sahir Khan. He scrolled through the feed of this Dutch pilot, fell in love and ended up proposing her. The name of this Dutch pilot is Eser Aksan Erdogan. What this guy missed is the adorable pictures with the husband. Now, this ignorance does call for a response.

5. Here’s what he actually said

This is what he desi man actually said to the Dutch pilot. Sahir Khan wrote, “will you marry me? I promise with you I will never live you alone tell my death and I also promise with you I will keep you happy tell my death etc.” There are lofty promises of love made in the entire comment but can we take a 2 minutes silence for the grammar. It died a painful death.

6. And then the husband entered the scene

The response that this desi man got from the husband is really hilarious. I bet the guy wasn’t expecting a reply from the husband of this Dutch pilot.

7. Crooked life

The desi man had no idea that he got a response from the husband himself. Falling in love is really tough these days. He literally asked the husband for help so that he can impress the Dutch pilot.

8. Rescue mission

Finally, the Dutch pilot herself came to the rescue. She provided the desi man with the information that the person who gave the suiting response and from whom he is asking for help is actually her husband.

9. Not an easy defeat

After coming face to face with the truth, and getting the hilarious response, this desi man apologized to the husband and the Dutch pilot, Eser. But not before asking if she has a sister. That wasn’t necessary but love is love. If he can’t get the Dutch pilot, her sister will work.

10. Sad ending

It’s quite sad the way this desi man lost his imaginary valentine. The response was quite effective and the Dutch pilot and her husband must have got a good laugh.

11. Tough journey

Finding love in today’s time is really a tough task. Either you don’t get a response or you get a response from the husband or the bae. But that doesn’t mean that you go ahead with a half-baked research.






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